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{ KH - Walk In Death, Prologue (Call) }

This is the first draft of the prologue for my "zombie epic". No pretty presentation formatting yet; that'll come after I'm done with the whole story and I start posting it for everyone to see. For now, I'm just looking for feedback.

After this, the rest of the story will most likely take place in present-tense. I find it works better for horror (at least, it does for me).

Tell me what you think! Don't be afraid to be harsh~.

(Note that this isn't the real summary, and the title may be subject to change.)

Title: Walk In Death
Chapter: Prologue (Call)

Series: Kingdom Hearts
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Organization XIII
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): Horror/Action
Warning(s): alternate reality
Summary: Zombies come for a stay in The World That Never Was.
Status: Multi-Chaptered / In Progress

The Lexicon was not a normal book. In fact, it was barely a book at all. It was not an encyclopedia, nor was it an atlas. There was no work of fiction contained within it (at least, not a specific one). No history, no philosophy, no science. It did not have a table of contents or an index. The cover bore the name of no author, and even the title itself was absent.

No, the Lexicon was not a book.

It was something more.

Not one page was like another, even though there were at least a thousand. They were never the same, either. Pictures changed, words rearranged themselves. Whole pages vanished while others appeared in their place. It was unlikely that one would ever see something twice, and more often than not, the tome would change right before one’s eyes.

Such was the case at the moment. He had spent the past few hours pouring over a section on chiromancy. His notes had filled several sheets of paper, which were neatly stacked beside the massive book. He hardly noticed the time passing, being so engrossed in his research.

However, though his eyes were aching from the constant strain, he was quite certain that he was not imagining the way the text was wavering in and out of focus.

As he watched, unable to feel the frustration he knew he should, the page he had been studying disappeared. The intricate diagram of palmistry lines (which he hadn’t been able to fully copy) faded into the aged background. Letters glided across the page, forming different words with different meanings than the ones he was previously reading.

Without a sound, he set about putting away his pen and the extra paper. While he had not gotten to write down everything he had wanted to, the majority of what he had been able to would be useful. It was not a complete loss, at the very least.

His gaze wandered over the Lexicon as he shut the desk drawer, and he paused. Frowning, he leaned closer, examining the page that had emerged. At first glance, it did not appear to be unique in any way, but he soon realized that he was not looking at an article or story, but a set of verses.

I call upon Those That Walk In Death
to rise unbidden by those alive,
to infest the World that They once knew,
to feast on those who will oppose Them.

They will be free.
They will be trapped.

Thus I bid Them to use
my body, my soul,
so that They may escape.
I am Their Vessel.

They will then surge forth and
coat the Worlds in Darkness.

I call upon Those That Walk In Death
to devour all that is of Light,
to conquer the blood, the flesh, the bone,
to fall upon Their knees and succumb.

His frown deepened. He had never seen something such as this within the book before, and it was perplexing. There were no illustrations next to the stanzas, nothing so little as a border. The page lacked anything other than the words. Nothing stood out to convey what the poem was about - or was meant to be about.

It was a mystery, just like the Lexicon itself.

His fingers tapped idly against the wooden surface of the desk as he pondered what to do. He could easily ignore the ominous message, which would undoubtedly be the wiser decision. He had no way of knowing whether it was dangerous or not. Considering several of the phrases, particularly “devour all that is of Light”, it probably was.

Even so, the temptation was so great, so overpowering...

Before he could stop himself, he began reciting the spell aloud, unaware that it was a mistake he would soon come to regret.

Tags: kingdom hearts, organization xiii, pg-13, walk in death, writing
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