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{ KH } - The Call

So, does anyone remember that atrocious Marluxia/Zexion/Axel love-triangle fic that I ranted about a while back? Well, I had to write a parody about it. I had to.

And what's better than adding a bit of Backstreet Boys to it? ;D

Series: Kingdom Hearts
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Zexion/Axel, Marluxia/Zexion, Demyx/Zexion, Larxene
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): parody, yaoi, AU
Summary: Axel and Zexion have the perfect relationship. That is, until Zexion decides to hook up with someone else. [feat. various OOC versions of the cast]
Status: Oneshot / Complete

Rain lashed against the windows, the crackling sound combining with the howling of the wind. The entire house seemed to shake with each rumble of thunder. Lightning flashed across the black sky, appearing in great, brilliant bursts.

He still hadn’t called.

Axel paced across the living room, wringing his hands. He was so worried for his lover, the only one he truly cared for. It had been six hours since he’d left for the bowling alley, and two hours had passed from the time he was supposed to call. Axel didn’t know what he’d do if something had happened... Zexion was his world, his everything!

Abruptly, a shrill ringing noise came from the kitchen. Axel bolted from the room, dashing towards the phone as if he were one possessed. He grabbed the phone, fumbling with the receiver and nearly dropping it before successfully placing it to his ear.

“Hello?” he asked breathlessly. It had to be him. It just had to.

“Hi, it’s me. What’s up, baby?”

A sigh of relief escaped Axel, but before he could answer, his lover spoke again.

“I’m sorry. Listen, I’m gonna be late tonight, so don’t stay up and wait for me, okay?”

Axel frowned in confusion. He could hear other people talking in the background, and the voices were steadily growing louder. He idly looped the cord around his fingers. “Where are you?”

“Wait, wait, say that again?” came the reply.

“Hello?” Axel reiterated, sudddenly feeling anxious. His fussing with the phone cord stopped short. Something was wrong.

“You’re really dropping out. I think my battery must be low. Listen, if you can hear me, we’re goin’ to a place nearby, all right? Gotta go.”

The other line went dead before Axel had the chance to respond. He stood motionless, hundreds of thoughts flying through his head. Where was he? What was wrong? Why wasn’t he coming home yet?

It was another minute or two before he set the phone back in its cradle. His hands were shaking, and he felt like he was having trouble breathing. Trembling, Axel placed a hand to his forehead, wondering if he was going to faint. This couldn’t be happening...

Zexion, where are you...?

Zexion snapped his cell phone shut, a smirk gracing his lips as he returned it to his pocket. That had been much too easy. He hadn’t thought that he would be able to get away with this, but surprisingly, he had been proven wrong. Who knew that it would be so simple to fool his boyfriend?

His gaze shifted to the man some ways behind him, looking him up and down appraisingly. He was tall and had unusual pink hair, luscious blue eyes, incredibly attractive features, an averagely-muscled build... He would do.

With the smirk still on his lips, Zexion sidled over to the stranger, meeting his gaze determinedly. The man seemed to understand the unvoiced message, and Zexion pressed close to him without a word. Strong arms wrapped around him while he placed his hands on the other’s hips. Zexion peered up at him through his lashes, knowing he looked absolutely ravishing.

“Hi,” the man purred, grinding against him slightly, “I got a little place nearby. Wanna go?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Zexion murmured, expression utterly arrogant, “What’s your name, by the way?”

“Marluxia,” the other drawled, “And you would be...?”

“Zexion,” the shorter man said without hesitation, “But you can call me Zexy, baby.”

A month had gone by since Axel had received the perplexing phone call from his lover. He’d quickly realized that his concern had been needless, as nothing had been wrong. Zexion had simply wanted to stay later at the bowling alley, as he and his boys had been in the middle of a grueling match. He’d been so tired afterwards, and he’d had to crash at a friend’s place.

Axel smiled at the memory, having not been paying attention to the movie he and Zexion were watching right then. He was only concentrating on how his head was resting his partner’s lap and how Zexion’s arm was draped over his shoulders. He felt so comfortable, so loved. He never wanted this to end.

Unfortunately, it had to, as the phone began ringing. Zexion let out a disgruntled sigh and prodded Axel to move. The redhead was reluctant at first, but eventually, he sat up, allowing the other man to jump up and stride into the kitchen. Huffing, Axel reclined back on the couch, relishing in the warmth left behind.

I’m so lucky to have someone this wonderful,’ Axel mused, cuddling up to one of the throw pillows, ‘Zexion’s my everything. I love him with all of my heart.

He didn’t have long to rest, as Zexion suddenly called to him. “Baby, it’s Larxene. She wants to talk to you.”

With a roll of his eyes, Axel got to his feet and went into the kitchen. Zexion was waiting for him, one hand covering the mouthpiece of the phone. The look he sent Axel was deadly serious, but also a bit worried.

“She... sounds upset,” Zexion muttered, a troubled frown on his visage as he handed the phone to his lover.

Axel took it tentatively, acting as if it would shock him. “Hey, Larxene. What’s up?”

“Oh, Axel! It’s horrible! Ohmigawd, I can’t believe I have to be the one to tell you this!” the woman sobbed from the other end.

“C’mon, Larx’, let’s not have another one of your tear-fests, okay?” the redhead chided, “Now, tell me what happened, hun.”

“Okay, so, I was working at the bar yesterday, right? And, and...” She trailed off, sniffling.

Axel bit his lip, clenching the phone tightly. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of impending devastation, as if what ever Larxene was about to tell him would result in something tragic... Even so, he couldn’t stop himself from continuing to ask. “Yeah? Larxene, c’mon, tell me.”

Oh, Axel, I saw Zexion making out with some pink-haired guy, and then they went into one of the back rooms and didn’t come out for hours!” Larxene all but wailed, her voice dissolving into sobs once she finished.

Axel said nothing. He heard Larxene apologizing frantically, but he ignored her. A thick blanket of fog had settled in his mind, blocking all thought. Those words were echoing incessantly, ringing just as the phone had that same night. Zexion had seemed awfully distant lately, less willing to sleep together... How had he not noticed?

“Gotta go,” he choked out before hanging up. He didn’t look at Zexion. How could he, after what the man had done? He had cheated on him, something he had never expected Zexion to do.

“Is something wrong, baby?” Zexion asked softly, reaching out to run his hand over Axel’s arm. The redhead, however, jerked backwards, rounding on Zexion with clenched fists.

Tears were streaming down his face.

“How could you?” he shouted, glaring at the other man fiercely, “After all we’ve been through! After all the times we’ve said we love each other! How could you do this to me?”

Zexion was quiet for a moment, looking quite taken aback by his partner’s outburst. He warily stepped closer, only to jump back as Axel attempted to slap him. His expression transformed into an angry one. “You’re overreacting. It was nothing more than a fling, baby. Get over it,” he snapped.

No!” Axel screeched, a sob wrenching itself from his lips, “I won’t get over it! But you can get out of here!”

Zexion’s eyes narrowed. “Excuse me?” he hissed, voice dripping with menace.

“You heard me! Leave! I can’t even look at you anymore!” Axel exclaimed, turning away from the other. He buried his face in his hands, shoulders shaking as he cried.

The kitchen was silent, save for the redhead’s piteous sobbing. Zexion made no move to leave the room, the furious expression fading back into a miserable one. He had screwed up, and he wasn’t going to have a second chance.

“Axel, please...”

“Just get out!”

Zexion wasted no more time in doing just that.

It had been two years since he had left Axel. He had never really recovered from it. At night, he still dreamed of the redhead, and every time he answered the phone, a part of him hoped to hear his previous lover’s voice speaking to him. He had thought hooking up with Marluxia was a good idea, if only because it was easy and convenient, never once realizing that he could possibly destroy the wonderful relationship he’d had before.

“Zexy? ‘You okay?”

A sigh escaped Zexion, and he turned away from the window to look back at his flatmate. The blond was peering into the bedroom from the hall, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. He hadn’t heard the shower stop. “I’m fine, Demyx. I’m just... thinking.”

The taller man grinned, slipping into the bedroom without a second thought. He padded over to Zexion, whom he’d allowed to stay with him after being thrown out of Axel’s house. “Well, if that’s all, you don’t suppose we could...?” he asked, snaking his arms around the other’s waist from behind.

Zexion’s teeth dug into his lower lip, uncertain. After a moment, he leaned back against the blond, taking a deep breath before speaking.

“Let me tell you the story about the call that changed my destiny...”

~ fin.
Tags: axel, axel/zexion, demyx, demyx/zexion, kingdom hearts, larxene, marluxia, marluxia/zexion, pg-13, writing, zexion
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