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{ 10_hiddenrealms challenge - theme list }

beautiful_spine, starpollution, and I all recently claimed a pairing at 10_hiddenrealms. The point is to write 10 different drabbles/oneshots/fics using the 10 themes provided. But here's the catch: they have to be alternate universe.

Flipper claimed Marluxia/Roxas, Megs claimed Demyx/Zexion, and I claimed Marluxia/Zexion. Hooray for challenges!

So, if you suddenly see a few posts concerning these themes, you'll know why~. I'm posting up my theme list just to keep myself organized. Fun, fun.

Set A Theme List
1. An impossible situation; ne’er shall the couple meet [Complete][Tempt Not the Scavengers]
2. Even in death [Incomplete]
3. Royalty (*) [Incomplete]
4. In a world without electricity, you are my life line. [Incomplete]
5. Bound by the social hierarchy (*) [Incomplete]
6. Jailed/punished unjustly; framed [Incomplete]
7. Tower of Babble; speaking two different languages [Incomplete]
8. Inappropriate feelings (i.e., incest) [Incomplete]
9. Tourniquet [Incomplete]
10. Dream lover [Incomplete]

(*) = theme has been replaced with one from the "Bonus List", as the given theme was not usable.
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